Escalera designated “Player of the Month” by the Extra Inning Foundation


By: Gabriela A. Escalera

Dr. Lynn Miller, Co-Founder and Executive Director for the Extra Innings Foundation announced today the designation of Alfredo Escalera as the Player Of the Month. The Extra Innings Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization operated by volunteers with the mission to encourage baseball players to engage in activities guided in supporting the success of others. The Foundation bases its philosophy in achieving that effective leaders influence others to succeed and by doing so, promotes that values such as leadership, innovation, collaboration, success and gratitude are fostered.

When Dr. Lynn Miller announced to Alfredo his selection, she highlighted some of the traits and values that molded his character: “You’ve been selected as our October Player of the Month due to your outstanding leadership and service in supporting the success of others”. Alfredo recently participated in the Extra Innings Foundation’s program called “Your Success Story”. This program is a community outreach effort which organizes, professional baseball players’ visits to underprivileged kids’ classrooms, allowing the players to teach students how to use success strategies to reach their goal.

Alfredo was unmistakably touched with the announcement. “I am deeply honored and humbled with this designation. I was only one of many players who invested a little time in encouraging elementary school kids to work hard to achieve their dreams. I am sure that all my peers are also worthy of this recognition. I am also thankful for the opportunity given to me by the Extra Innings Foundation to keep helping kids and for trusting my feedback in the development of new programs” stated Escalera.

The Extra Innings Foundation’s Board of Directors includes, among other extraordinary people, the Texas Ranger’s Manager, Ron “WASH” Washington, Cincinnati Reds’ Manager, Dusty Baker, MLB player Jerry Hairston, Jr. (LA Dodgers) and Dr. Lynn Miller associated professor from the Arizona State University.

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