Escalera with an impressive performance in his first month

“His offensive and defensive accomplishments are remarkable”

Surprise- When Alfredo Escalera joined the AZL Royals last month everyone was expecting to witness a very young kid in the process to be developed. But what Escalera has showed is a remarkable skill, speed and athletic ability that is putting him to compete with the top players in the highly regarded Arizona League.

After his first full month following integrating the AZL Royals, Escalera is ranked in the top 25 players’ list according to batting average and is ranked 16 in the league among those with more than 70 opportunities at bat.  Escalera’s current batting average is .314 and has demonstrated a flawless defensive skill. This achievement confirms Royals’ scouting staff notion that Escalera was ready to face baseball at a professional level disregarding his young age. The list of the highest batting averages is topped by Timothy Saunders, a 22-year-old infielder from the AZL Cubs (.493) and Tyler Ogle, a 21-year-old catcher playing for the AZL Dodgers (.483). Also making the top batters’ list are Joey Gallo, a 18-year-old infielder from the AZL Rangers, (.350); B.J. Boyd, a 18-year-old outfielder from the AZL Athletics, (.357); Nick Williams, a 18-year-old from the AZL Rangers, (.317), and; Daniel Vogelbach, a 19-year-old infielder from the AZL Cubs (.333) among other remarkable players.

The Arizona League is the minor league baseball organization that manages a rookie-level professional baseball program in Arizona on behalf of MLB since 1989. From June until the end of August, each team plays approximately 56 games at the spring training complexes of their team’s parent organizations. The teams consist of players from the Dominican Republic and recently drafted players from high school and college level. It is very common to see these young players match their abilities with mayor leaguers since the Arizona League is where these athletes go for their first post-rehab assignments.


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