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Felix “Tito” Trinidad

Tito is one of the best boxing champions in Puerto Rico’s history. He held World Championship Titles in five different divisions and holds the record for the second most welterweight title successful defenses (15) and the record for longest reign as Welterweight Champion, six years. Tito is a charismatic person who is loved by everyone in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Mariano Rivera (NY Yankees)

As Alfredo has frequently stated, Mariano is one of the most impressive baseball players he has ever known. He has the most career saves in the regular and post season, the most consecutive seasons with at least 30 saves and numerous other accolades. Mariano loves Puerto Rico and regularly spends his family vacations on the island.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Floyd is the senior member of the Mayweather family and has dedicated his life to boxing. Floyd used to be a boxer but today is one of the most regarded trainers in the world of boxing. Some of the names of the boxers he has trained are his own son Floyd, Oscar de la Hoya, and Rickie Hatton.

Blake Perry (Colorado Rockies)

Blake is a former teammate at the IMG Baseball Academy inter-squad games and currently one of the top prospects in the Rookies organization.


JR Murphy (NY Yankees)

JR is a former teammate at the IMG Baseball Academy inter-squad games and currently one of the top prospects in the Yankees organization.


Alfredo is an animal lover, not only because of his love for his three dogs, but also because of his offering to assist in dog shelters. In the picture Alfredo’s Labrador shows her affection prior to his departure to Surprise, Arizona.

Brandon Bonilla and former Coach Andy Stewart

Brandon is currently one of the main pitchers at Arizona State University (ASU) team and was also Alfredo’s teammate and a good friend during the high school years.

Coach Stewart is one of the staffers at IMG Academies and a former MLB Player.

Coach Ken Bolek

Coach Bolek is the IMG Baseball Academy director and the person who invited Alfredo’s parents to bring him to IMG after evaluating Alfredo’s ability in a summer camp when he was only 9 years old. Coach Bolek is an expert in batting techniques and regarded as one of the leading batting instructors in baseball. Bolek has trained players such as Josh Hamilton, Joey Votto and Gary Sheffield among many others.

Libania Grenot

Libania is an Italian Olympian who trained at the IMG Academies in preparation to the 2012 Olympic Games. Libania was a regular fan at the IMG Baseball Varsity games where she became acquainted with Alfredo and his family. Libania an amazing athlete who broke the Italian record at 400 meters and won a gold medal for the 400 meters at the XVI Mediterranean Games with a time of 50.30 seconds, a new Italian record. Libania brought back home to Italy, one of the first autographs given by Alfredo in his young baseball career.

Nick Bolitieri

Nick is basically a champions’ developing machine. He began his career as the tennis director at Dorado Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico and later move to Florida where he founded what evolved into the IMG Academies. Nick has been an inspiration to Alfredo due to his passion, determination and youthful spirit.

2012 IMG Varsity Team (IMG Royals)

The 2012 IMG Royals were such a great group of talented players who competed while having fun with the toughest teams in Florida, Arizona and California. Some of them Alfredo knew for years, others joined IMG recently, but all will remain friends for years to come. Max Foody (Pitcher) and Alfredo were drafted in 2012 and it is expected that in 2013 other members of this squad will be drafted as well.