Looking into the future after becoming a Royal

“If there was an organization that I wanted to be a part of, is the Kansas City Royals…it already feels like an extended family”

Surprise, AZ- After being drafted by the Kansas City Royals, Alfredo Escalera is now concentrating on the future. “The scouting and recruiting process is behind me and I am concentrating now in my development and progress so I could boost my abilities and contribute to the Royals” said Escalera.

KC’s general manager Dayton Moore and the Royals organization have been assembling what almost everyone in the baseball world considers to be the very best MLB’s minor league system. The revolution of the Royals development program was the strategy implemented to enhance the Royals opportunity to become the world champion.

KC’s organization has repeatedly acknowledged that the scouting and development program is the most critical aspect of improving its playoff’s possibilities. As a small-market team, the Royals deal with an enormous challenge due to its possibilities to compete with the teams coming from big cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The big city’s teams tend to pour millions of dollars into the available free agents making it difficult for a small-market team to make that investment.  If an organization drafts accurately, it will get a respectable depth so it can satisfactorily compete with a big city team. The Royals have definitely mastered this process by consistently picking the best available talent on the draft board like in the case of Bubba Starling, Christian Colon, Will Myers and many other talented athletes.

Now as a Royal, Escalera will enter in the professional arena hoping to carry over previous successes at the high school and amateur level. “I understand that this is a new challenge, but is only that, a new challenge. I hope that I will be able to tackle it the same way I have succeeded before; with hard work, unbreakable work ethics and with specific short-term goals,” said Escalera. His optimism seems to be overshadowed by his euphoria for being selected as a Royal. According to Escalera, Kansas City was the only organization for which he was prepared to decline a hefty scholarship at D1 Stetson University, which coaches committed to put him as Stetson’s starting centerfielder beginning in his freshmen year. “I come from an academic family where education is extremely important. My grandfather, an engineer, was the founder and director of an elementary school, my aunt is a teacher, my mom is a nurse with a bachelor in business administration and my father is a physician specialized in internal medicine who also has a masters degree in business. To make sure that they supported my decision of becoming a professional player, it required for me to be drafted by an organization like the Royals,” said Escalera. The Royals are committed to support their young draftees in their desire to pursuit their academic goals by offering a comprehensive academic program tailored to each athlete.

“If there was an organization that I wanted to be a part of, it was the Kansas City Royals…in fact, it already feels like an extended family,” affirmed Escalera who admitted that his family feels the same way.

It is expected for Escalera to join the instructional league and eventually the Rookie league in Surprise, Arizona.

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